Horse routes

In "Finca la Suerte" you will be able to go horse riding getting in touch with nature as you ride through the Sierra in our designated routes which we select for our clients, in duration and difficulty according to their skills.

We take reservation for individuals as well as groups.

We arrange one-day riding trips stopping for a picnic at the Natural Park among vak tree moods full of colour in the autunm, olives groves and chesnut trees, "encinas", bushes of rosemary, "jara" and "lentisco".

In the next text you can find more details about a riding holiday at "Finca la Suerte", located in the heart of the Natural Park "Sierra of Aracena and Picos of Aroche" (Spain).

There are more than 600 kilometres of tracks connecting litte hamlests and the spanish "white" villages. These old "caminos" offer a wonderful journey throngh a fantastic landscape. Lush Secret valleys once used by smugglers, chestnut woods carpeted with wild flowers and ferns, wide open meadows and oak forests are all her to beguile you.
We don't have a very high mountain range, even though some peaks reach 1000 metres. The average altitude is 600 metres about sealevel. The sierra ranges from gentte slopes, perfect for horse riding to steep hillsides crowned with templar´s castles and arabic mosques from the 10 th century.

We have a mediterranean climate here, but the influence of the mountains means that we have an average temperature lower than on the coast, resulting in a comfortable summes. Only during a few wintes months does the temperature fall to below 0ºC.

We aim to cater for all our client´s needs.

We are registered with the Council of Andalucia, are fully insured and we are accredited by the British Horse Society. There also are staff available to speak languages other than spanish.


The horses

They are all either spanish-arabs or angho-spanish-arabs and all of medium build, being 162 centimetres in height.

They are very well-trained, fit and perfectly adapted to the terrain we cover in the sierra.

You don't have to be an expert horseman but it is certainly advisable to have some experience, to feel comfortable at wald trot and canter and to be used to spendeing several hours at a time in the saddle.

It should be possible to adapt the speed and pace of the journeys to each group´s wishes, depending on how fast they want to travel.
The tack is all spanish cowboy "vaqueros" style.

Each place that we stay the nigt has stabling for the horses.
We are insured for both riders and horses in case of any accident.
You visit some of the most important shows in taming of the horses in our country.


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