- Galaroza -Situated in the North of the Huelva province at the west of Sierra Morena we find the Sierra of Aracena and Picos of Aroche Natural Park designated as such since 1989, it extends itself two hundred thousand hect running in a North-east South-east direction.

This montainous zone is dotted by white villages and approximately 40.000 people live here. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean causes frequent rains, there waters are naturaly canalised through ravius chiffs towards the rivers Guadiana, Guadalquivir and Odiel.

The vegetation is mainly mediterranean adapting itself to dry periods and hot sumers. Oak trees is the dominant vegetation.

The population in these area is spread out in small villages and they live mainly the land and cattle, pigs lambs and goats are the main source of food.

The main industry is cork wich the extract from the trees and honey is also abundant.


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